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Educational activities with details of placement

The Department of Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology had started an MSc program in Bioinformatics in the year 2004. Students with bachelor degree in agriculture and allied sciences are eligible to join this program. The curriculum encompasses the basics of computer programming, molecular biology and genetics. The core subjects include structural and functional genomics, computational systems biology and database management systems. From the academic year (2006-07) a four year undergraduate program B. Tech (Bioinformatics) had been started in this department. Besides, a one year PG Diploma program in Bioinformatics had been started as an distance learning course.

Types of services provided

Programmes of Study

  • E mail access and web browsing
  • Literature search and retrieval
  • Annual training programs
  • Students project work in bioinformatics
  • Students thesis work
  • Biological database development
  • Bioinformatics research
  • Statistical analysis

Infrastructure facilities in the Bioinformatics Centre

A. Computer and communication facility

Programmes of Study

  • 40 Intel Core 2 Duo computers were connected to an IBM server is used for bioinformatics teaching and training activities teaching.
  • Another ten Intel core 2 CPU machines are used to research and teaching activities
  • Another ten Intel Core 2 CPU desktop computers are connected to LAN used for browsing
  • 1 mbps internet connectivity has been established exclusively for the user centre routed through an IBM proxy server
  • A Sun biocluster with 4+1 nodes have been purchased from the financial support of TNAU for specific bioinformatics applications such as molecular dynamics and docking
  • One Apple desktop computer used to molecular modeling studies
  • UPS (8+5+5 Kva) provides uninterrupted power supply to the user centre
  • HP color, mono printers, scanner are available.

B. Scientific software package



Mapmaker/Mapmaker QTL Linkage map construction and QTL analysis
IRRISTAT for windows Statistical analysis of experimental data
Reference manager Literature reference data base
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat professionalPhoto editing and documentation
EMBOSS, BioEdit, Exome Exome BLAST, ClustalX Analysis of protein and nucleotide sequence
RasMol, AutoDock 4.0 Discovery studio (selected modules) Modeling and Docking
MS SQL serverFor database backend
Visual StudioFor database front end
BioSuiteSequence analysis and molecular modeling
Genocluster (server edition with ten user license)Sequence analysis
Windows 2003 server + twenty client license For networking

C. Databases and information resources

On-line/Off-line information retrieval: The facilities offered in respect of information retrieval are being used extensively by the scientists and students of TNAU and other institutes. Internet based access to various biological databases.


Programmes of Study

  • One IBM Server used for teaching and domain activities
  • One IBM Server used for networking
  • One Intel Xeon server with Geno cluster


Around 40 Intel core 2 duo CPU, 20 Intel core 2 CPU Desktop computers which runs on both Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

Network Hardware

one Cisco 2800 series and one Cisco 1800 series routers. 8 manageable Switches and one WIFI router.

UPS Backup

The Centre has 5 nos.of UPS of a total 60KVA power backup to the systems and servers.

Scientific Software packages

Discovery Studio 1.7, Biosuite , Genocluster, Autodock


Science direct, Springer link and free journals