Variety Year of Release Parentage Duration (Days) Rainfed Irrigated Shelling % Oil Content % Seed Weight (100g) Special Features Growth Habit Leaf Colour Seed Colour
ALG 631999110-115695036BunchGreen
ALR 3Derivative of (R33-1 X ICGV 68) X (NCAC 17090 X ALR 1)110-11520952720695046Suitable for rainfed,rust resistant, tolerant to late leaf spotBunchDark greenRose
BSR 22019VR12 x TVG 0004105-1102222236070.245.0140-43One or two seeded, usually two seeded, medium sized pods, Moderately resistant to late leaf spot and rust diseasesBunchGreenTan
CO 3Derivative of VG 55 X JL 24115-120175021507049.265
COGn 42001Derivative of TMV 10 X ICGV 82115-120150019507052.760BunchDark green
COGn 52002Multiple cross derivative125-1301585705147Dark green foliage, tolerant to foliar diseasesSemi- spreadingDark greenRed testa
CO(Gn)620061005040BunchDark green
TNAU CO 62010Derivative of CS 9 X ICGS 5125-130191473.549.548.5Dark green foliage, tolerant to foliar diseasesSemi-spreadingDark greenTan testa
CO 72013Derivative of ICGV 87290 X ICGV 87846100 -10523002806715135-44High oil, moderately tolerant to Rust and Late leaf spot , tolerant to DroughtSpanish BunchGreenTan testa
TMV 7Pureline selection from Tennessee white100-105110019007449.636
TMV 10Spontaneous mutant from Argentina120-13017007754.443
TMVGn 132006Selection from Pollachi red100-1051613258071.45044Red kernel, high yield and tolerant to terminal droughtBunchGreenRed
TMV 142018VRI Gn 6 x R 2001295-1002124228670.64838Higher dry pod yield than VRI ( Gn) 6 & TMV (Gn) 13; Higher shelling percentage than VRI Gn 6Less incidence of Spodoptera, thrips and leaf miner compared to VRI (Gn) 6 and TMV (Gn) 13 under field conditions; Moderately resistant to late leaf spot and rust disease under field conditionsBunchGreenRose
VRI 11967100-105744836Bunch
VRI 2Derivative of JL 24 X CO 2100-1051790206074.84849Suitable for IrrigationBunchAshy greenLight rose
VRI 3Derivative of J11 X R 33-19016701830734835Early and suitable for intercroppingBunchLight greenLight rose
VRI 419964740BunchDark green
VRIGn 52001Derivative of CG 26 X ICGS 44 105-110 21332384755146High reproductive efficiency. Dormancy 45 daysBunch Dark greenRed testa
VRIGn 62007Derivative of ALR 2 X VG 9513120-12519162403755036Small pods, moderately resistant to late leaf spot, rust and PBND diseases. Resistant to early season drought, high harvest index (34.6%)BunchLight greenLight Rose
VRIGn 72008Derivative of TMV 1 X JL 24120-1251865724846Moderately resistant to late leaf spot and rust diseases. Moderately resistant to leaf minerSemi-spreadingDark greenRose
VRI 82016ALR 3 x AK 303105-110 21302700704945-50Moderately resistant to sucking pest and defoliators. Moderately resistant to foliar fungal disease. Medium bold kernel suitable for confectionary/table purposeBunchLight greenRose